Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CODE PINK: "Camp Al-Maliki" Went down to the Iraqi Embassy to check out how "Camp Al-Maliki" was going. Apparently the idea is that they'll stay until they are granted a meeting with the Prime Minister. Chuh. Actually, folks, there's a certain amount of progress here ... at least they recognize al-Maliki as the actual Prime Minister. Last time we were here these same ladies were denouncing the whole Iraqi government as a group of stooges for Bushitler McChimpyburton. Take what you can get. I'd say six CP's ... seven tops. er ... wasn't Cindy Sheehan supposed to be on some sort of diet ... er ... fast? Nothing more to see here, folks ... just move along. Posted by Picasa **** UPDATE **** The person who disrupted al-Maliki's address to congress today looks suspiciously like Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink. Here's my photo of her from "Camp al-Maliki" yesterday. I guess the PM never came out for that photo-op. **** FURTHER UPDATE **** Why, indeed it was! I thought I recognized that raspy little voice and lifeless hair! Thanks Michelle!


  1. So how many things is Cindy doing "until" she gets her way? She was in Crawford "until" she "gets to speak to Bush", she was fasting "until the troops come home" and now she's here "until" she meets with the PM? Hard workin' lady, that Cindy.

  2. Man!

    Cindy Sheehan has lost SO MUCH WEIGHT during her three week "fast" that she was able to make a skirt out of only one pink plaid banquet tablecloth.

    Thank you for going downtown and covering this lefty media-op. Those PinkOs can get nasty with indy-media folks.

  3. If Mother Sheehan hits the west coast, I'll be there with my sign and plea to her, to wit:

    Please, Mother Sheehan, start eating again! Fast much longer and you may explode!

  4. Hey Cindy....

    I will gladly step up and pay your way out of the U.S. It would have to be a one way ticket and the catch is, you would have to take McKinney and both of the Clintons with you.

    Since the U.S. pains you so much, pick a flag....ANY FLAG...that you support more, and your expenses will be paid.

    Give me a freakin break Shehag.

    You can't follow through with any of the goals YOU set for YOURSELF because you are crazy. And the people you are "demanding" to meet with, know you are crazy and would prefer you just sit outside for weeks at a time.

    Spend your time on picking your favorite things to pack....your ticket is on its way.

  5. ... is that Martina Navratolova in pic #2?

  6. Yes I believe that is Martina Navratilova in pic #2, rofl.

    Now time for: Quien es mas macho - Sheehan o Navratilova?

  7. I saw Cindy in Melbourne, Australia, about 8 weeks ago.. she has definately put on weight in that time.

  8. Here is a response I posted on my friend's blog:
    A Power sized Jamba Juice is between 500-600 calories; 3 times a day = about 1800 calories. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends about 2000 calories for an average sized woman.

    According to UCSF, "A 12-ounce glass of orange juice contains 180 calories"; 3 times a day = 540 calories. According to Anne Collins, 1 cup of soy milk = 130 calories, which is 390 calories, if taken three times a day. Combined with the orange juice is 930 calories.

    I am assuming that Sheehan is consuming the max calories. To be fair - the smallest Jambas are about 300 calories a pop, which would be about the same as my soy/orange combo.

    But which one do you think she's consuming? Code pink has an image of Gandhi on their site . . . but it does not sound like they are living up to his standards. Code Pink defines it like this: "Join Us! On July 4, CODEPINK and Gold Star Families launched an historic hunger strike called TROOPS HOME FAST, calling for the U.S. government to bring our troops home from Iraq--FAST."

    Sheehan's postings can be found on a Marxist website, http://www.politicalaffairs.net/article/articleview/3794/1/198/.

  9. Bitch Bitch Bitch! Just like all you type people to do that! Why not get on the ladder and get up then try and pull down? What I need, (and all you freaking losers wish for) is a bonified reason with a season for my needing! Corporate America USES YOU! BUSH SUCKS! WE ARE JUST COWARDS! MY SON DIED FOR NOTHING! WE SHOULD BE BOMBED! 9-11 WAS A LIE! KILL ME ON NATIONAL TV! Hold on. Have to catch my breath....damn... WE SUCK WE SUCK WE...Is that, shit...nope! No check this week...Fuck. Hey, Sharon? Can I say i love Hezbollah and...no? OK... WE SUCK WE SUCK

  10. Anyone remember a young volunteer soldier called Casey who died serving his country?

    She doesn't.

  11. I'm sure the woman remembers her son. It doesn't matter how vehemetly you disagree, you can't deny that one thing.

  12. St Cindy of the shithouse.Kepps saying she will not eat till she gets this or will not leave Crawford till Bush meets with her or will not leave this location till the leader of Iraq meets with her.I have to wonder who does this cow think she is? My apologies to the bovine population. Would her time not be better used trying to procure a marker for her son who she has disgraced his sacrifice and service?

  13. Fame is a fickle fate... Cidny got her 15 minutes, got thoroughly addicted, and cannot STAND sandwiches of crow or cold-turkey!

    Hooper out!

  14. The question may be though just how well she DOES remember him, since she divorced his father when Casey was seven and told her ex to keep the kid.

    Which pattern continues today, as her second husband divorces her due to terminal moonbat disease and she -once again - gave him custody and blew town.

    Which is likely OK anyway, since reportedly her kids think she's insane also.

    As for Casey Sheehan, he is a true American hero in the finest traditions of the US Army. What a tragedy it is that his life, and his death, is nothing more to his mother than an opportunity to get soem attention.

  15. She looks a lot like the umbrella she is sitting under.

  16. Bill, sorry the cindy sheehan divorce thing is an urban myth - I checked Casey's bio in wikipedia and that directed me to a Snopes entry.

    -- Nora

  17. Dear Casey-
    Thanks for your sacrifice.

    Sorry about your mom.

    A grateful American

  18. My husband has been saying for months...If Cindy Sheehan hates America so much he will buy her a first class ticket out of here. The only stipulation is she never comes back to the United States. I have yet to hear her saying something positive she remembers about her son. You cannot give honor to someone's memory by dishonoring everything else in America.

  19. Hey Charles,

    I do not see the lgf discussing the wars in Afganistan or Iraq.

    You know, the ones with American troops on the ground.

  20. I think somehow Cindy was misquoted or something...she's not fasting (obviously...just look at those fat rolls around her midsection), but rather I think what she was trying to do was cash in on the fad diet market...you know: "Look at me naked and LOSE WEIGHT FAST!" LOL

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  22. Guys, have a heart. That's not fat, that's malnutrition.
    For just $49.95 a day, you too can sponsor a left wing nut job just like little Cindy here. Every month you'll receive a package with a picture and a note...

  23. Poor Casey.

    I was initially hopeful Cindy would starve herself to death so we'd never have to hear about her again, but looks like no luck. Pass the ice cream.

  24. The fast is doing wonders for the figure of the mother of Casey Sheehan.

    I believe she's gained another roll around her midsection since the beinging of her 'fast'.

    It's hard work to maintain such a rippled look!

  25. All I have to say about Casey is Thank you for your service to our great country. I am truely sorry that your own birth mother is dis-honoring you this way. I along with 10's of millions of other Americans do truly honor your sacrifice.

    As for Cindy, Since her "fast" she has really shaped up her body.. ROUND IS A SHAPE RIGHT?
    With so many people offering to send Cindy wherever she wants to go in the world, I would like to make a different offer. I herby offer to pay for a one way ticket to send her to the Gaza Strip or Lebonan... no strings attached except that she may never return to the USA, which should not be a problem for her because she hates the US so much. I will pay for preacher gibbons too if he feels that way!!

  26. my personal thanks to a true Hero who made the ultimate sacrifice... life for the liberty of others...

    Casey Sheehan... you are not forgotten! a tue hero in every sense of the word... your mothers actions will not lay shadow over your grave... may the world know you and your honor.