Monday, July 03, 2006

Two Videos: OK, first we have one of the Code Pink speakers and anti-war activists, Father Louis Vitali, who spoke with Harry Reid (D-NV) in Las Vegas and then again in DC. Harry Reid doesn't like this war ... not one bit. Harry Reid wants people to "take to the streets" regarding Iraq. Literally. Otherwise ... or so he says ... they (viz.: Senate Democrats) will have no "spine" on the issue. They need a "spine". Harry Reid apparently loves Code Pink. **** UPDATE **** I just found out that our friend the priest here is quite the active chap. Here's a photo from Zombie of the same bloke with the caption: "Father Louie Vitale, a Catholic priest, exiting the stage area after giving a speech in which he made pronouncements "in the name of Allah." Cripes ... now why doesn't that surprise me? This is great. A group of kids comes to DC for a July 4th visit. Probably something they and they're parents have saved up for for some time. An important moment. What do they find while visiting the White House? Why, Code Pink of course. But not just Code Pink ... an angry and taunting and puerile Code Pink that chooses to taunt these children with a bastardized version of God Bless America. Taunt and point. Nyahh Nyahh. What happens then? As Bulwinkle would say ... "Just listen!" **** UPDATE, July 7 **** I got contacted once again by the producers of Hannity & Colmes on Fox. Apparently they are going to use portions of my video (above) of the kids singing in response to Code Pink's taunting on their show tonight. **** UPDATE, post H&C **** Well, they obviously changed the direction of the segment. However, they did use my footage, taken earlier at the Gandhi statue. Same song, different place, different situation. I generally take 1 to 2 hours of footage at these events. I only end up using less than 15 minutes. Scroll down for more Code Pink!


  1. Great work, I linked it here;

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  3. That was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. If those Code Pinkos had any ounce of self respect, they would have thrown down their signs, gone on their knees, and taken up monastic life.

  4. Classic! Thanks for putting up the video.

  5. Thanks for the video. It's great. It's heartening. I will be emailing the link.

  6. Those kids sound great! They can actually carry a tune, a far cry from what those Code Pinkos are carrying around with them

    Hey Zelda, like you, this video brought tears to my eyes, tears of laughter at the Code Pinkos.

    Oh is a monastic calling part of the church of liberalism? I hope not, I would not want the world to be deprived of this rich source of comedy.

  7. The school students who sang America the Beautiful on the video appear to be the Northern Lights Marching Band from the West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts program

    Their web site is here:

    They just marched in the National Independence Day Parade in WA, D.C. at 11:45 am on July 4th, 2006. They are truly a class act (which is true of a great many band students everywhere).

    How this was determined:
    I do video work. I enlarged the video and did a frame by frame analysis. In a few places the words "Lights" and "Marching" appear on the back of their t-shirts. Some searching through Google eventually led to their web site and their event calendar, which put them in D.C. on the 4th of July.

  8. That was a great video. I love it. Thanks for putting it up.

  9. I love it!! Those kids used their own freedom of speech and sang away those wimpy protesters. The video showed the pinkos walking away! Great job, kids!

  10. Wow, All of you are so suportive and creative to find out who we are. We just got back this morning. Thank you for all of your kind words!

  11. We know many of the kids & parents who are a part of this band, including the leaders. They are a good group of kids and parents that indeed sacrificed a lot to be a part of this. What a life lesson they learned, and possibly it showed them even more how we need to stand for what our country was founded on and continue to pray for our country and its leaders. Our family is proud of them, and appreciate the faith stand they took that represents many Christian homeschooling families.

  12. Hey, I'd like to confirm what edward said. I a few of the kids in the band.

  13. The kids are lovely, singing and not, but as might be expected given the politicizing nature of this blog, the facts aren't exactly straight.

    For one thing, "taunting" the kids? Taunting random children doesn't really seem to be a primary, or even tertiary goal of Code Pink.

    Moreover, the kids are not collectively "red state" kids as stated in the video clip. They're from Michigan, which went to Kerry in 2004, and while I'm fairly sure that the majority of their parents did not contribute toward that blue state result, it is patently false to paint the scene as an evil blue/decent red face-off.

    The children sang at the behest of their director, and so it is also not quite true to consider this an example of courageously pure-hearted children standing up to the corrupt "Goliath" of Code Pink. While I don't feel that bastardizing "America the Beautiful" was the most appropriate way for Code Pink to achieve its aims, I also find is troubling that children were used as mere pawns in a brief counter-protest. With few exceptions, I doubt that any of them understood what they were doing at the time; perhaps they understand now, retroactively, and maybe they'd even do the same thing given another opportunity, but the fact remains that there was no room for consent in their counter-protest. They were accidental heros to those holding your beliefs, perhaps, but they were unwitting ones--they are good kids; they were doing as they were told. Volition is key to any genuine "faith stand," and to my mind this was not an independent exercise of will.

  14. "...They were accidental heros to those holding your beliefs, perhaps, but they were unwitting ones--they are good kids; they were doing as they were told. Volition is key to any genuine 'faith stand,' and to my mind this was not an independent exercise of will."

    Why question their patriotism?

    This group was visiting the DC area, NOT taking an SAT test!!! They more than likely could have done whatever they wanted whether it was to sing or not. They chose to sing. Noone made them do anything. Geesh.

    It was great. They silenced the reprehensible Code Pink protesters who taunted, YES, taunted them.

    That group of kids and adults were great.

  15. It gave me chills. Best version I've heard of that song since Ray Charles.

    Reminded me of the scene in Casablanca.

  16. As a parent of one of the band members who could not afford to send her son on this trip, I can assure you that these children understood fully what was happening and sang from their hearts. Homeschooled children are very well educated in history and current political events. I am so proud of all of them.

  17. I spoke to some of those kids after the fact as well as my own son who was in that group. I can assure you overwhelmingly that they were proud to stand up for their beliefs. My son says he doesn't know who started the singing but that they all wanted to do it. If the director didn't start it my son (17 and typically very reserved)said he would have.

    The nature of homeschooling in general is such that our kids grow up understanding what they believe and why they believe it. They explore other cultures, religions, and current events. Not just from a text book or the view of their parents but from observing life, reading and watching news from various sources. Did they know and understand what those protestors stood for and why they (the kids) responded in their own appropriate way? You betcha!

  18. For Gods sake, neither side was herioc. I absolutely agree with Coffee spoons. Imagine the uproar if Code pink used children to sing their song. I am so tired that those who do not agree with Republicans are somehow treasonous, and those who do not agree with Democrats are somehow fascist. A little more civility please.

  19. I agree with chuck miceli. I have lived many years abroad, 8 in china. Do you want to know true heroes? Shortly after the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade all of China was in an uproar with protests and american flag burnings. I was in rural china and did not hear of the bombing until days later, in fact my school sent another teacher to my apartment and said the day was a holiday so I would not witness their demonstrations. I was the only American for miles around but they did not want to offend me. Anyway, there were two japanese high school exchange students who attempted to take an american flag from some chinese students so as to not let it get burned. Luckily, a few teachers sent the japanese boys home and nothing happened to them. They are heroes to me. To stand up for America in that country at that time shows true courage.
    Another thing, Zelda said it brought tears to her eyes. Shame on her. In China there are gangs that cripple small girls, deforming them and then setting them out in streets to beg. That is worthy of tears.
    When my son was born prematurely in Shanghai she needed to go to a special hospital, I didn't know it at the time but another chinese baby girl was born at the same time and needed to be incubated. Because it was a girl the father did not wish to pay the money so that poor baby died. If I knew about it I would have had my own name listed as the father and paid the money... to my eternal regret I did not know. My wife is chinese and did not think to tell me about it, they are accustomed to such things. That is worthy of tears.
    I wish that every american would live one year of their life in a third world dictatorship, then people would know real freedom and real heroism.

  20. Regarding Chuck's comments, "For Gods sake, neither side was herioc. I absolutely agree with Coffee spoons. Imagine the uproar if Code pink used children to sing their song. I am so tired that those who do not agree with Republicans are somehow treasonous, and those who do not agree with Democrats are somehow fascist. A little more civility please."

    The teenagers in this video clip are friends with three of my children (who were unable to make it to DC due to prior commitments).

    These students took the initiative to give a soft answer to turn away the wrath of the Code Pink demonstrators who were singing a non-standard version of an american patriotic classic.

    As I see it, both groups exercised their rights to free speech. Rather than stoop low like the Code Pink demonstrators did by using offensive words to a patriotic song, the kids merely sang a patriotic song with the correct words. It was kind of nice to hear them sing on pitch just like they do during their marching band routines.

    Seems pretty civil to me.


  21. To Thom, my comments about civility were not in regards to either Code Pink or the kids but to American society at large. Japan is a far more harmonious society than America. However the kids were not Civil, civility is courteous behavior; politeness. This was not done with the intent of exhibiting courtesy to Code Pink, but to upstage them. You might call the upstaging correct and I actually agree, code pink is obnoxious, I just don't call it Civility and they are certainly not heroes. The fact that so many people seem to think they are is tragic. I agree with expatslackers comments about true heroes. The two Japanese High schoolers are true heroes.

  22. Thanks Chuck, it seems a pity that this video will be used on Hannity and Colmes, as a club for Conservatives to use on Liberals. Such divisiveness. I have a better idea for that time. Let some American GI in Iraq or Afghanistan say hello to his family at home. Let us not forget that the soldiers are the real heroes, as is everyone who risks their lives for other peoples freedom. To sing the praises of kids over such a trifle as this does disservice to all the unsung heroes.
    I mean this as no disrespect to the kids, hey good for them for doing what they thought was right but heroes, God no!

  23. I believe if you were to ask any of those students if they thought of themselves as heros, they would adamantly say "no." The hero is one who watches over, protects and is willing to ultimately lay down their life for the freedom of others.

    What happened on July 3rd was very spontaneous. The students walked up on these demonstrators, not knowing who they were, blue/red or republican/democrat it mattered not. It was the students who were appalled and sickened by what they saw and heard spewing out of the mouths of the demonstrators. It was anger, hatred, and rage. Even children can discern that.

    To the troubled Coffee Spoons, you need to know that the students were not pawns for their parents, or any other adult there. They knew exactly what was going on and were the ones who asked the director if they could sing. He gave them the pitch, and they were
    on their way to singing.

    It was offensive when the Pink people perverted the words to "God Bless America." These students have been taught that even if you do not agree with someone, you still respect them, especially a government authority such as the President.

    These students walked away wondering how anyone would want to be a part of a group that seemed so miserable, and had so much bitterness and hate they had to distort something as beautiful as "God Bless America." Why couldn't they choose some other catchy tune to express their message?

    These kids are very patriotic. In their age in life what can they do except to respond verbally to those they disagree with, especially in protection of a very loved patriotic number, and a President they respect.

    True, they are not heros, just kids who believe in the principles this country was founded on.

  24. Incredible Vid. My brothers and friends who are apart of that program are as Wendy said no pawns. Each of them have love and respect for this country and are simply defending their convictions as much as Code Pink was spewing theirs